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Developed the upturned ends now found on many airplane wings which are saving airlines billions in fuel costs

Fail to Launch That rockets!
Fail to Launch
That rockets!

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The upturned ends now featured on many airplane wings are saving airlines billions of dollars in fuel costs. Called winglets, the drag-reducing technology was advanced through the research of Langley Research Center engineer Richard Whitcomb and through flight tests conducted at Dryden Flight Research Center. Seattle-based Aviation Partners Boeing-a partnership between Aviation Partners Inc., of Seattle, and The Boeing Company, of Chicago-manufactures Blended Winglets, a unique design featured on Boeing aircraft around the world. These winglets have saved more than 2 billion gallons of jet fuel to date, representing a cost-savings of more than $4 billion and a reduction of almost 21.5 million tons in carbon dioxide emissions.

Source: http://spinoff.nasa.gov/spinoff/spinitem?title=Winglets+Save+Billions+of+Dollars+in+Fuel+Costs

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